The  Sweat Lodge Therapy is done with you laying on a message table atop a special mat heated up to 167  degrees. 

      You will lie on a massage table wrapped snuggly  in a sauna blanket heated with infrared rays which aid in healing where ever your body is out of balance.
    You will speed up your metabolism as you sweat, releasing between 800 and 1200 calories as well as huge amounts of toxins.

     The Sweat Lodge Therapy helps to improve any skin problems and softens your skin as well. 

​     Your session will be 60 minutes but can be discontinued sooner if you find a hour is too long for you, It is recommended that you start at a lower temperature if this is your first time. But that will be up to you.

​     You will spend your hour relaxing as you listen to soft, soothing music.

     After your health giving sweat, a cooling shower is available.

     Call now for your health inducing session-505-994-0337
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