"To Whom It May Concern

I recently suffered a tragic loss in my life. My 37 year old daughter suffered a massive heart attack and died on Mother’s Day. She had never been sick a day in her life. This event affected me like no other in my life. I couldn’t eat, sleep, focus on anything and seemed to just wander around aimlessly. I decided to visit Janet for a Reiki treatment. I thought it would help get me “centered”. And it did. My energy go re-focused and I felt like the healing could begin.

Janet then offered to perform a “Drumming Journey” for me. After she explained the process and a little bit of what to expect, we began. I almost immediately got into the mental rhythm of walking across a very long bridge. It seemed like it took forever to reach the other side. When I got there, there was a person standing there. It was foggy and the figure was not in focus, but seemed very peaceful. I asked the figure if it was Jamie (my daughter). She replied “yes”. I then asked her if she would come back with me. She said she could not come back with me and that I couldn’t stay with her. I had to return alone. She then disappeared and I went back across the bridge.

I don’t know how long the journey lasted. It seemed like a long time. I do know that (although still very sad) I had the “peace of mind” that she was at peace and in a good place. I will never get over my loss, but my session with Janet has helped me to get a little more focused on my life and help me to move on."

-Patrick Mead
June 24, 2014

" I had a Sound Healing session with the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Janet skillfully provided a continuous, melodic sound which allowed me a feeling of peace and contentment. With each bowl I could feel the vibrations course through me. Thank you."- E. Veeder​​

"The Healing Room is a tranquil place to get away from the world. Being new to Tuning Fork therapy, I was pleasantly surprised to find the pain in my hip gone. Thanks much." - E.J.S​​

" I recently had the most awesome Reiki session I have ever had. I have had quite a few very traumatic things happen in my life and I tend to hold thing's inside and deal with them by myself, which is not so good. Toward the end of the Reiki session there was what felt like a huge build up of air that left my mid-section and escaped with a very audible whooosh, through my mouth. I immediately felt much lighter. Not physically but emotionally and spiritually. It was truly amazing. I recommend Reiki to everyone." - J.R.S. of RIo Rancho​​​

"My back was hurting again, so I had Janet use the Tuning Forks on it. I didn't think anything would happen, but after only a few minutes the pain was a lot less." - Jon T.

​​"Last week I woke up with aching eye's, a runny nose and fever, and my face was flushed. I was also sneezing all day. For me this always turns into a very bad sore throat and cough. This time I had a 45 minute session on the Bio-Mat, and in the morning I was perfectly well. This avoided a very bad week of sickness. I am so thankful for Desert Flower Energy Spa and the Bio-Mat." - Ruth L.

​​"Saturday night I went for a Singing Bowl meditation. It only lasted 20 Minutes or so, but when it was over all of us were so relaxed we couldn't move for several minutes. A wonderful feeling." - M.R.A.

​​"I had a wonderful experience at Desert Flower Energy Spa. I received a Chi Machine treatment. I felt great and the results lasted several days. I recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to boost their energy levels and improve their overall mood. Thank you Janet." - Tiffany H. ​

"I found Janet at Desert Flower Energy Spa when I was having a lot of pain in my shoulders and neck. I was also feeling stress from life situations. I was excited to see how the Reiki session would possibly help, seeing that I have tried a lot of different techniques that included chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, and medical doctors. I went to the session open-minded and found it be be very beneficial. I really enjoyed laying on the Bio- Mat and I totally relaxed during the Reiki session.
    The tuning forks that Janet used were something that I had never experienced before, she placed them on the hurting parts of my neck and shoulders and when she was done I was no longer in pain. I felt great and that night and the pain stayed away for a good amount of time. I also left much more calm and peaceful.
    I am very satisfied with the results, because even after other treatments I usually would have the pain still in my neck and shoulders due to the neck trauma. I would recommend making an appointment with Janet. She is very generous and takes the time to hear what you are in need of. I am looking forward to future sessions in continuing my healing journey."
- Nicole 
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