Sound Massage
Massage Your Mind.
Massage Your Spirit.
Massage Your Senses.
Massage Every Cell in Your Body. 

    Disease is brought about when the vibration of the body is out of harmony. The beautiful sound vibrations immediately bring the vibrations of the body back into harmony or balance, allowing it to begin to heal itself. 

   Tibetan Singing Bowls help to loosen and dissolve blocked, stagnant energy, then helps to re-align the energy in a more balanced manner.  

   Because your body is about 75% water, and water is one of the best conductors of vibration, every cell in your body is massaged and energized.

   The vibration from the Singing Bowls send gentle, rhythmic pulses through your body, releasing any stored up tension. Leaving you very relaxed and stress free. It can help relieve pain, headaches, tension, anxiety, depression, and worries to name a few.

   Because every organ in your body has nerve endings in the ears, your organs are also relaxed and messaged during your Sound Massage. 

   If you are in anyway out of balance in your body, the Sound Massage will help bring you back into homeostasis, or proper balance, so that your body can heal itself. 

   After your Sound Massage, you will leave with a feeling of calm and lightness. Enter with your mind and heart open to experience the beautiful and mystical vibrations of these wonderful sounds.  

   The Bowls are placed on and around your clothed body. Other sound intruments may be used as well such as gongs, chimees, crystal bowls, and tuning forks. 

   Wear loose clothing for your session so as not to block energy from flowing freely. 

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