Sound Healing

     Sound Healing is a very effective and proven method using vibrational Sound to reduce stress, alter consciousness as well as creating a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. Healing Sounds have also been shown to be very helpful to cancer patients by  reducing stress and aiding in the management of pain. This method of healing can be traced back at least to the Bon people which was a religion that pre dates the Buddhist  religion, where the instruments were used to transform consciousness and for healing.

     Sound Healing moves the brain into the Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies, which induces deep meditative and peaceful states. It also clarifies the mind and intuition.

     Sound works by entrainment, which is the tendency of 2 oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony, The more powerful rhythmic vibration will cause the less powerful vibration to lock into the vibration of the first source.
The pure sounds of bowls, chimes, tuning forks, drums and tinghas are more powerful than the human body [especially today] which is the weaker vibration.

     As an example, a leaf on a tree moves at the vibrational rate of the wind that is moving it. Not faster or slower. Also a stick moving down a river, moves at the vibrational rate of the water that is moving it. The stick does not move faster or slower than the vibration of the water pushing it. The wind and the water are the more powerful.

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     Today we spend our lives in the Beta  brain frequency stressed and hurried every waking minute as we live our rushed and busy lives. Life has become so full of loud, clattering noise, that we no longer even notice. But your body does. And is no longer in perfect harmony as it was created to be, thus bringing on all types of stress and dis-ease within that wonderful body.

     The pure, perfect sounds that emanate from Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tinghas, Chimes and such, are a wonderful and soothing way to bring your body back into the natural vibration and perfect state it was meant to be.
These beautiful instruments of Healing Sound, bring your brain into the Alpha and Theta brain waves which are the states of deep meditation, light sleep, hypnotic states and prayer. Alpha ranges between relaxed, yet focused and deeply relaxed.

     Sound Healing reduces blood pressure, heart rate, depression, migraines and pain as well as stress levels. It increases oxygen intake, sleep, weight gain in premature babies, immune cell activity and brain functioning.  Migraines have been reduced by 83% using sound therapy alone. 15 minutes of sound therapy boosts the immune system by 25%. 

     According to Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Director of Oncology at Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, tumors are reduced in size by using Crystal Bowls, which is mandatory in his practice. Some tumors have disappeared completely. He has found that his patients who regularly incorporate Sound healing into their lives, have a much higher than usual rate of recovery with less negative side effects from chemo and radiation treatments.

     Psycotherapist  Meridith McFadden, a Sound Healing therapist from Medford, Oregon, says

      Receiving intentional healing sound vibrations is proving to be one of the most direct, most rele
vant healing modalities today.”

     “Listening to the bowls can have a profound impact on a persons well-being.” says Master sound artist, Ashana.
According to Edgar Cayce,” Pure sound will be the healing modality of the future.

     The Future Is Now.