​Reiki Classes

  Reiki level 1--$125
    In the Reiki 1 class, you will learn the history of Reiki, the benefits and the hand positions to give Reiki treatments to yourself and your family. The last part of the class will be spent giving sessions to each other to give you practice in the hand positions and to help you feel more comfortable giving Reiki. The class is held on Saturdays and your lunch will be provided. At the end of this awesome class you will receive a beautiful certificate showing that you have successfully completed the class.

  Reiki level 2--$150
     In the Reiki 2 class you will learn the 3 symbols used to strengthen  your Reiki energy and increase your focus. You will learn the meaning of each symbol and  also learn how to send distance Reiki to benefit those who you are not able to give Reiki to in person. After this class you will be able to set up a Reiki business and charge a fee if this is your plan,You will receive your Reiki 2 certificate at the end of the class. You will have ample time to practice on each other. Lunch will be furnished. This class will be held on Saturdays.

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