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Are You Toxic?

  If you are alive and breathing in the 21st century on planet Earth, YOU ARE TOXIC.
  It's not your fault tho'. At least most of it isn't. Just about everything in live these days are full of chemical toxins that for the most part, you cannot avoid.

  The air you breath and the water you drink and bathe in are full of toxins off all kinds. The food you eat is loaded with pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers as well as being grown from genetically engineered seed. Your food also contains hundreds of chemicals that the government does not require the manufacturer to list.

  We won't even discuss what goes into the meat you eat. But it's not your doing.
  Your mattress, your clothes, your furniture and your car are also loaded with chemical toxins. That new car smell we all love is actually the result of chemical out=gassing. After a year or so, the smell has dissipated into the air and are no longer smelled. The same is true of your beautiful new clothes. Sizing is added to the fabric to give the garment that fresh crisp look of new. One of the ingredients in the sizing is formaldehyde which is embalming fluid.  

  If you smoke, drink alcohol or caffeine drinks, you are also adding toxins into your system.

  Unless you are in government, there is not much you can do about this deliberate poisoning of the human body. The human body has a great immune system and elimination system which are in charge of ridding the body of toxins, but these systems can only handle so much. They were not made for 
todays lifestyle. The body does adapt to some changes, but this takes times changes are being made and chemicals created and added to our lives at such an accelerated rate today, that the body is in overload.

  People are becoming sicker and sicker all the time with new diseases coming about almost daily. Your body can no longer handle all this. And when you do become sick, the doctor gives you the newest chemical drug, which adds to the toxic effect. When your body is overloaded with toxins from any source, it cannot function properly. All of this toxic build-up can cause tiredness, fatigue, constipation, mental confusion , bad skin, aggression and weakened immune system as well as much more serious medical problems and pre-mature aging. 

  WHAT CAN YOU DO to keep your precious body in top condition so that you can live a longer, healthier, happier life? That is apart from stopping eating, breathing and drinking.
  There are quite a few things that can aide you in your quest for a better life. Some are simple and can be done on a daily basis and some take a little more effort on your part. These things are up to you and how much you want a better life for yourself as well as your loved ones under your care.

  One of the easiest things you can start with is to drink only DISTILLED WATER. Buying a water filter system will clean out the dirt and debris in the water, but it has no effect on the chemicals that have been added to the water supply system. Another easy thing to do to help your elimination system and have very soft skin, is to DRY BRUSH before each shower. This is done with a bath brush. You can get one of the wooden ones with the long removable handle. Start at your ankle, taking 10 strokes in one place, then move to the next spot till you have covered the entire leg. Move up to your torso and do the same, finishing with your arms. This will get rid of built up dead skin cells, leaving your pores open to eliminate more toxins. This is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

  Another excellent, but easy, fun and inexpensive way to help your body detox, is a rebounder or you perhaps call it a mini trampoline. This is a great help in keeping your lymphatic system moving properly.

  If you feel you must eat MEAT or just don't want to give it up, buy meat that says “natural”, no antibiotics used and or no “growth hormones”.

  RAISING AS MUCH OF YOUR OWN FOOD AS POSSIBLE is ideal, but this is not possible for many people. The next best would be LOCALLY GROWN ORGANIC food. But I know this can be too expensive for many people. So, if you must buy your fruits and vegetables conventionally grown, be sure to wash them to get rid of as many chemicals as possible

  Here at DESERT FLOWER ENERGY SPA, we have additional ways to help you detox and be healthier. We have the Chi machine which is an FDA approved medical device which takes only 15 minutes per session and is very inexpensive. We also have The IONIC FOOT BATH. This takes about 30 minutes and is quite affordable. Our third detox system is the BIO-MAT. This is also an FDA approved medical device which is used in many hospitals around the country . The Bio-Mat has 8 settings of heat ranging from a low heat to aid stress relief to a high setting which is a sauna setting and releases many, many toxins while you are lying completely relaxed on a massage table. 

  We will be happy to set up an appointment for you and will aid you on your way to a more healthy, relaxed, stress free live. Call to set up your appointment today at 505-994-03367. We look forward to being of service to you. Nameste