Benefits of Sound Healing
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy. Frequency and vibration."------Nikola Tesla

    Scientists, musicians, and doctors around the world know and admit that the power of sound can be used to prevent health problems and to restore health and healing to the body. 
    This is not a new idea as using sound vibrations for healing has been a part of every culture known to man throughout history. Healing with sound is the oldest form of healing ever used.
    In recent times there has been much scientific study and proof of the healing value of sound 
    The universe and everything in it, including humans and animals, is made up of vibrations and energy.
    Sound influences the frequency of the bodies vibrations and all forms of curing, or healing, have great influence on every cell and organ in your body. This includes bad, harsh sounds which then have an adverse affect on your health. Every organ in your body has nerve endings in the ear.
    Crystal singing bowls have proven to have a very strong, positive healing affect on the body,
    When there is a disease or sickness in any part of the body, it is because that part is not vibrating at its natural and correct frequency. During a sound healing session, the vibrations of the bowls, or any other sound healing instrument, combine with the incorrect vibration of the diseased or sick part of the body to help that part regain its proper vibration and thus heal itself. 
    The sounds also strengthen the vibration of the entire body as well as harmonizing body, mind, and spirit for all over improvement.
    Sound vibrations from singing bowls, whether crystal or Tibetan, as well as drums contain Epigenic and Biological information. Epigenics is the science of changing or altering your DNA. Noise will affect it negatively and rhythmic sacred sound vibrations can change your DNA genes in a positive way to improve or eliminate diseases that run in your family. Of course your lifestyle needs to be positive as well. I think it's too bad Angelina Jolie did not know to try sound healing before she started cutting up her body.
    At the end of a sound session you will find yourself so calm and relaxed and stress free you will feel as though you are ready to float away.
    After your first sound healing session you will wonder why you didn't experience it sooner!

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